Premium Match Sticks


Brand Architecture


How long has it been since anybody innovated on the omnipresent match-box?
We are thrilled to unveil ITC Dazzle, an alternative that dares to break free from conventions and celebrates the spirit of individuality! This premium offering introduces longer, sleeker, and easy-to use match sticks with bright match-heads, all enclosed in a box designed to spark conversations.

At theDESIGNPEOPLE, we believe in pushing the boundaries and infusing every project with
a touch of artistic ingenuity. When ITC Limited’s visionary managers granted us the
freedom to innovate, we saw an extraordinary opportunity to craft something truly
exceptional. Inspired by the mesmerizing world of Indian Kitsch art, we embarked on an
exciting journey to create ITC Dazzle

ITC Dazzle celebrates the idea that each one of us is unique, and we should embrace our
quirks and celebrate our individuality. These extraordinary match sticks encourage you to
ignite your own path, stand out from the crowd, and make a bold statement that reflects
your essence.

SKECH packaging design specialists in India

Design Approach

Delving deep into the realm of kitsch, we meticulously curated an ‘Indian family’ of quirky characters that now adorn the matchbox packaging.
Each character represents the potential within every individual to dazzle, regardless of age or background. Our visuals are a canvas of imaginative storytelling.